A national level competition is going to be organized in order to select two teams which are going to compete at an international level with other countries in IM2C.

Teams comprising of up to four students and an advisor generally from the same school are expected to work collectively in order to solve a posed global problem by designing and developing a mathematical model.

Time frame to work on the problem is restricted to five days, counting from the day having an access to (IM2C) problem, teams are advised to identify the important factors, develop a clear description, confirm the solution, conclusions and recommendations before preparing and submitting a report on their solution to the Judging panel (Oman) through local IM2C- organizing committee.

It is the advisor's responsibility to make sure that teams follow all steps required for participation in IM2C.

The best two papers with meritorious achievement then forward to the (IM2C) judging panel to compete against the other participating countries at an international level.

Participation in the above mentioned international event is totally free of cost and is meant to support and expose students to real world problems and find its solutions via team work using appropriate mathematical knowledge and tools.

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Rules and Regulations